PISCHL & PISCHL brands can be grouped in three distinct categories:

        VENICE Collection AQUILA Loden COMFORT Wool
The name vouches for highest demands and top quality. The fabrics of this category are mostly made of finest merino wool mixed with fine hair like mohair, cashmere, alpaca, angora and silk. Thanks to this blending of fibres the fabrics get their individual features including shine, silky grip, colour and the like. The quality group offers an excellent price-performance-ratio and many clothing manufacturers from all over the world use it for making top-quality coats, jackets and costumes. A MUST for every wardrobe. This new product line has been created to show how modern wool can be.
Clever effects or material blending create new looks that can be used for making traditional and modern garments at the same time. This product range is marked by high-volume fabrics that are light and reflect current fashion trends.

The textile experience of several generations!